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XXX-XXX-XXXX Area Code and phone number
Count each side as a page. Note: Saddle-stitched booklets must be in multiples of 4 pages. If you need different cover weight for a book, specify text and cover pages separately, e.g. 24 pgs text + 4 pg cover.
Enter number of Ink Colors on Front/Back, e.g. 4/4 CMYK (full color) , or 2/2 PMS 300 + Black, etc. Do not count aqueous coating or UV coating as an ink color.
Click yes if image extends to trim edge of page. Files must be supplied with 1/8" of bleed past trim marks.
Aqueous coatings applied inline (offset printing only) are most economical, UV coatings are the most durable. Any job on coated paper with medium or heavy ink coverage, products being folded or bound, or products that are mailing should be protected with a coating.
Trim, folding or binding instructions
Provide any details or multiple finishing options in notes below
e.g. convenient carton, shrink wrap in 100's, carton in 500's, etc.
Minimum quantity for Std Presort is 200 pcs,, minimum for First Class Presort if 500 pcs. (Postage savings based on letter sized mail 6" x 10.5" or less.)
Please describe the additional items needed below or complete a separate estimate request for the additional item(s) needed.